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Centrally located in Houston, Lone Star Chiropractic is dedicated to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals in a professional yet relaxed environment. Dr. Bradshaw is committed to providing you with quality chiropractic care.

Susan Bradshaw D.C.
3100 Weslayan Street Suite 378
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“Dr. Sue you are the best! I had the muscle spasm from Hell and she corrected it the day that I called. I called her at 8:00 am and she saw me at 9:15am……….. now that’s service! Years ago I would endure the pain for a couple of months before seeking help and the corrective treatment would take several visits. These days I call the day of or the day after the problem begins and it is corrected quickly. If I could extend any advice in regards to “enduring the pain” it would be “do not do it”. Go in at the earliest time possible and you will receive the cure quickly. Don’t mimic my early years of hardheadedness, go in now and get back to being productive.”
Dr Loehrer is amazing. Not only does she have the ability to fix what’s wrong, she educates you on how to prevent the injury from happening again. Even without insurance I am able to go as often as necessary. She explains her process to her patients so that they are comfortable with her. She is a great chiropractor!
Dr. Loehrer is absolutely fantastic!! She definitely has made a chronic problem very managable. Her fees are affordable and enable me to see her every other week or week as need dictates. She is very cautious and explains what she is doing. She understands the fear many people have of a chiropractor and addresses that if needed. I highly recommend her.
“When I first arrived on Dr. Sue’s door step, I was in pain! She was informative concerning the treatment she administered, as well as the stretching exercises she suggested to improve my condition. Thanks to Dr. Sue, I am feeling much better!”
“I have used Dr. Sue’s services for recovering from races and preparing for upcoming triathlon events. She is an excellent teacher for patients needing to know the benefits of her treatments.”
Dr. Sue has literally, and dramatically, improved my quality of life. About ten years ago I sustained a lower back injury while playing high school athletics. The “Back Doctor”, at the time, told me it was a partially torn tendon in my lower back and it would heal itself. On a pain scale of 1-10, every day for the next ten years I floated between 2-4. It was enough discomfort to put me in a foul mood the majority of the day. After meeting Dr. Sue at a networking event, I decided to make an appointment and let her check it out. You know it’s bad when your doctor says “Oh Wow”. Apparently the tendon healed more like a knot in my back and had a lot of scare tissue built up. I saw Dr. Sue twice a week for a month and did my “homework” as prescribed. Not only did she correct my problem and leave me pain free, but she took the time to educate me on what had happened and why. I highly recommend Dr. Sue for anyone dealing with back discomfort, headaches, or help correcting poor posture. Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better. Thank you Dr. Sue”
“I have visited Dr. Sue on several occasions for a variety of reasons and and I am always impressed with her knowledge and how she really takes the time to learn about why you are there. She is so pleasant to work with and the results are outstanding. I would recommend with out a moments hesitation to any one I know would benefit from her care. She lives up to her motto of Move Better – Feel Better – Live Better – I know I do after a visit.”
Dr. Sue cares a lot about her patients and wants to do everything she can to make them feel comfortable and well.
If there is anything on your body that aches or just hurts, don’t put off not feeling good. I was in a bad car wreck in 1973 and have been to chiropractors over the years. I liked Dr. Sue the first time we met and she has done an amazing job, on not only my back, but my left ankle, which I had surgery on in 2000. She has helped me in so many ways, I can’t thnak her enough. I highly recommend Dr. Sue at Lone Star Chiropractic, she is a difference maker in the you you feel!! Dr. Sue, Thank you!!!
As an athlete and figure competitor my body goes through a lot with weights and cardiovascular act ivies. I’ve always been in sports or dancing growing up. My mom told me the importance of “maintaining” your body, not by just keeping it healthy but keeping it aligned. I moved to Houston about a year ago. Well like most people, I neglected the maintenance of my body and therefor I pinched a nerve and was in great need of a chiropractor! My hip locked up, my lower back was inflamed I could barely sit, walk, stand and don’t even mention working out. I called Lone Star chiropractor and not only was Dr. Sue’s office so friendly, I was able to get in that day!! My horrific tear jerking pain I had that week is gone. Personally I go on a weekly basis because of the amount stress I put on my body. I love how Lone Star Chiropractic works with my work schedule and best of all I don’t feel like a patient or just a number! If I could give them a rating I’d give 2 thumbs up and 5 star place to go! As long as I’m in Houston, this will be my place of alignment needs!! Thank you Lone Star Chiropractic for putting me back together and getting me ready for my 2nd Figure Competition!
Dr. Sue produces great results! She has helped me and my wife with pain and stiffness. I give Sue top marks in every area!
After seeing three doctors and a physical therapist about my lower back pain, I was frustrated. It seemed like none of them were actually helping me. All four said that a chiropractor would not be able to do anything for my condition. Finally my wife said. “You’ve tried everything else, why don’t’ you go see a chiropractor?” So with that I called First Chiropractic and met Dr. Loehrer and her team. Dr. Loehrer analyzed my situation and came up with a program to start getting me back into the active lifestyle that I was missing. There was relief after the first adjustment. The “homework assignments” she gave me helped me make what she did at her office more effective in healing and strengthening my back. All the members of the staff were upbeat and positive through every step of the process. I really got the feeling that they were concerned with my well-being. I will always have issues with my back, but I know that I can do things to minimize and manage those issues. That positive energy is so critical to the healing process.
I’m feeling much better now, and that’s because I can do the things I want to do. I no longer wake up dreading that first hour of having to walk out all the soreness. I can play basketball again without being worried about what I will feel like the next day. I can sit without having to shift around to lesson the discomfort. I can pick up my daughter without wincing. These small examples are why today I am happier and healthier, thanks to my First Chiropractic. C.D. – Tucson, AZ